Wednesday, April 1, 2009



So there I was... minding my business (as usual) in my first yoga class... in a not too comfortable position yet... a very good stretch.  When I started to think about this past weekend at the retreat.

Lanasia told me that I would have to cry by the end of the weekend... whether by force or emotions  It would happen.  And it did. It was weird for me to open up in that sense because when I was younger... you didn't cry.  If you did - let's just say it wasn't pretty.  It was especially odd for me in front of so many people being the private individual I am.    But it was a thankful emotion because it was in response to my appreciation for LaTastica (Lanasia).  

It opened me up as well - to accepting moving on and growing from a lot of things that I had been holding on to. Past and present.  I guess I am saying all this to say that sometimes - it can take one instant to change your outlook on life... What were your moments of change?


Q. Civilized Zag


Anonymous said...


My moment of change was when I started to look at people humanly, to not wish ill-will upon anyone regardless of their wishes for me and being a sista to my fellow sistas.

Beautiful growth Queen.. peace.

jameelah said...

A moment of change for me was when I was having a conversation with a newer friend and they told me that they can tell that I really wasn't happy. They were able to read me without me telling them much, which actually had me open up and tell them what was going. After that I realized that it is was time to let go of my bitter feelings towards a past relationship. Once I did that I started to see great change in myself. And now I can say that I am happier than ever before.