Monday, March 30, 2009

Celebrating Ciphers of Strength


Well, as many of you know, we are back from the beautiful Peaceful Queens Retreat where we Celebrated our Ciphers of Strength. I must say that I not only enjoyed being around so many sisters, but I also learned a lot from them. I learned not to be so overpowering that you make those learning from you fold. I learned that I need to give a little more attention to things that may not necessarily mean much to me but may mean a lot to others. I learned again what I already know which is that I need to strive to reach out to sisters that I may not come into contact with very often. I also learned that there are so many talented and creative Earths in this nation even when they are not striving to be. It just is. There were so many jewels being dropped without intention just by being together and being.

Some of you were there with me and many were not. I have to honor the power of the female and all of the knowledge and wisdom that she has to offer. So I ask you know, What have you learned from being amongst groups of women, whether they be you’re a-alikes or not?

To top it all of, we returned to the parliament to the Gods who also celebrated our strength as Earths. They did poetry, gave speeches, gave us flowers and gifts, cooked and even sang to us while we walked down the aisle.

How do you celebrate your Cipher of Strength?

Sci-Honor Devotion

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Genially Green Earth said...

Peace to all of the Beautiful Queens that Attended and those that could not . . .

We had a great time this past weekend at the Peaceful Queens Retreat. The main thing I took away from our Cipher of Strength was the realization that I can make powerful connections with my Sisters if I just extend my build. When we all came together we created a peaceful atmosphere of free creativity. It really was a PEACEFUL QUEENS EVENT. We were a sight to be seen, all of us building with no confusion; each Queen adding on and enhancing the cipher. Each and every one of us was completely UNIQUE, and that gave me an opportunity to see things from many perspectives not just my own. Each perspective was the thoughts from a righteous wombman. Jewels I won't soon forget.

AND THEN to go to the Parliament and have the GODS put together the event they did. It was so beautiful and I'm so glad I was there to bear witness to the event.

Genially Green Earth