Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Highest Expression of Love - is to Accept Without Exceptions

"The Highest Expression is to Give without expecting... I have so much to learn... I have so much to learn... I want to love... with an open Heart..."- India.Arie

Scary isn't it... the thought... of just letting someone in one more time.  The fear that the expectations that you may have will not be lived up to and that maybe... you won't live up to theirs.  The thought that maybe your aren't putting your standards high enough and maybe that maybe theirs are set too high.  

That everything you never thought would happen will and everything you never thought would... did.  That you could be in love with everything that makes you... and it be broken.  We live in that fear at times.  I don't care whom it is... because I have had all of the above and then some in my life.  But - I am not BROKEN.

That is an important statement... we remain UNBROKEN.  because we can't let and emotion or and unsuccessful situation break us.  We have to learn from it - even if it's a hard lesson.  We have to grow from it - even when we feel dried up. And we must move on - even though our roots are planted so deep.  I am an ear for a lot of people.  Which humbles me... but at times I do not have all the answers and at times... even the advice I give - I don't take myself. lol.  Have you found that?  

You can dish it but you won't eat it yourself? lol. We must Save Ourselves before we Save others... because if you can't make yourself will you ever truly be happy?  It took me some time to come to a Peace within myself... to 1,2 and 3 myself.. but once I did - I only got what I allowed myself to receive.  Not what I fell victim to.

I just had these thoughts on my mind.  Sometimes I know my blogs aren't very scientific or don't always spark responses but - that's why these are blogs... it is what is in us... at this times... during our electronic scribe time slot. :)

Peace be with you...

Queen Civilized Zag

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Seven GodCipherDevine Allah said...

Peace Queen,

I be Seven God.O.D. Allah

I would like to addon and sum up what I know this concept to give birth to.

To Truly Love is to Addon to the best of my capabilities to bring forth the betterment of the one that I Love.

Not the physical attraction [Thats attachment]

Not the Emotional attachment [thats possesiveness]

Not the Feeling I get from being around you [thats emotional dependancy]


I give with the intentions of making another happy, more comfortable in this existence, me being God stimulating life around me for a better enjoyment [if I can use that as a self styled word, lol]

Peace Queen,

Seven G.O.D. Allah