Monday, March 9, 2009

He Said Wha..???

Peace All -

You know what is so crazy?  I am one of the most forgetful people of late... I don't smoke weed and I'm not knocked up so there's really no excuse other then... perhaps I have TOO many things on my mind or perhaps (which is my theory ) with every child I lost 25% of my memory . LOL.

What is interesting is that... if I get in a disagreement or need to prove a point... I can remember everything down to the socks you were wearing and the background scenery. lol.  Maybe this is selective memory... I don't know.  But at this point - my black berry is pretty much the only thing keeping me on schedule and even then Eboni and Lanasia have to text me and remind me of my blog dates :) (Thanks Queens). lol 

So Are there any suggestions on how to increase memory?  Any raw food or juicing techniques?  Some sort of Foot on the Temples Yoga pose I can do?

I think this would benefit a lot more people then me:)


Queen Civilized Zag-tastical

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Asiatic Queen said...

Check into Ginko Biloba or St. Johns Wort...there is some vitamin supplement that aids memory! Also, regular clears that clutter outta your mind. I think thats why we have memory problems...too much junk in there, lol.