Monday, March 2, 2009

Parenting - How is this thing done right?


There are so many different types of homes that we have grown up in, such as single parent, blended families/Brady Bunch style, Cosby Show style, Divorced, Raised by grandparents or other family members, Adopted, and so many more. I have been a parent for almost 10 years and have been told that I am doing a great job. Although, I do not doubt that I am, I want to do my best. So, I am curious to know what are some things that your parents taught/instilled/or did for you that you feel is important for every parent and/or what are some things that you were allowed to do/taught/or got away with that you feel was not a good idea on their part. As an adult now, what do you feel your parents should have taught you to prepare you for the “Real World” and didn’t? Lastly, Do you have any advice to share with other parents who want to make sure their children are getting everything they need to be successful people in society? This parenting thing can be really complicated sometimes. I’m sure we could all use some wise words. I know I could.

Sci-Honor Devotion


Queen I A-M said...

Peace Queen

Your line of thought is appreciated and will hopefully spark more conscious parenting in the minds of those that are open to Know.

Although I attained Knowledge of Self as a young adult, there were some good seeds planted in my foundation that still serve today as Truth.
Know God for yourself - Don't take any one or their word at face value
Love & Respect yourself and your family - Take Care of your Needs - Show kindness to all you come across SMILE
Order and Discipline are important - you have to make a plan and stick to your word in all that you do
Take Pleasure in the Little Things - time shared with loved ones, fun, relaxation, etc. Material things come and go, time cannot be replaced

These are the lessons that I bring forward from my parents.

As a parent myself now I add on my own style and understanding.
Knowledge of Self, Supreme Mathematics, and our Culture. I start teaching Truth from the beginning so that mine will have a True foundation.
Thought comes before words and actions - as a parent I model this behavior as much as I can, even in discipline and dealing with emotions, so that I won't be reflecting "Do as I say, not as I do" and bringing up a state of Anger and Fear
Be truly grateful for all the Abundance in our Lives - show gratitude by taking care of self, family, belongings, and others - give to those that are in need freely, not out of obligation
Stand up for Who you Are - Don't be afraid to say No when you feel you need to, Show what you Know through your words, ways, and actions, Find ways to Express yourself

Every parent has the opportunity to be creative and put actual thought into what kind of parent they want to be. There are all kinds of resources for those that truly want to do this parenting thing right. I think the answer to your question is to Be the Best Parent you Know how to Be and don't just rely on tradition and emotion to bring out the best in you and your children.

Who actually wants to be a "bad" parent? Most of us (I think) want to do a good job, and some of us even want to be better at it than what we have experienced.

Queen A-Mecca

GOLDMind * Earth & Soul

Seven GodCipherDevine Allah said...

Peace Queen,

All the Babies need is an intelligent adult who knows how to listen and answer questions and bring the Childs comprehension to the highest ability.
[showing Equality that we are all of something that is one and the same]

I got what I needed when I was a child, yet in these days and age we need grown people who will treat the babies with 'supreme' equality in their growth and developement.

For instance, When my God or Earth [mother or father] trea

we are all put here to learn. As I Cee Truth? We are all equals. make them feel like an individual being that exists as our equal verses our possession.

Dont control the growth, guide the growth.

as far as discipline goes, I just take away the things that matter most, being careful to show them that its easier to gain what has been lost faster than. losing what is to be gained.

If my young physicals play during supreme alphabet time than they played for one minute so they lost one minute that they earned of playtime. they used that minute to play.

everytime they get the alphabet and mathematics right tehy earn 5 minutes of free time.

I set the bar where they can earn faster, and lose slower. this way they ignore the poor parts and dont care about the poor parts. eventually they wont even notice nor build on the poor parts.

Preserve the best part for you, bring beautiful things unto being, be able to bring it back to you [the foudnation] at any given time, this is how I make my lessons walk and talk for me.

Peace Queen,

Seven G.O.D. Allah