Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holiday Celebrations?


With Spring’s arrival, and some of the Gods and Earths recognizing this time as the New Year, I was wondering what holidays do you recognize either traditionally in our nation, culturally due to your heritage or other holidays on the Gregorain Calendar. I have heard of some Gods and Erths who celebrate religious holidays, seasonal holidays, independence days, and more. I'm curious to know what do you do to celebrate or recognize the holidays that you do acknowledge and why do you feel it is important to do so?

Sci-Honor Devotion

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Queen I A-M said...

Peace Family -

All Cultures haves ways to mark the passing of time, and ways to honor the values of that group of people. That is one of the special qualities of people, to gather and celebrate each other for various reasons and in different ways.

Having Supreme Knowledge, I have the responsibility to make sure that all my words and actions are in line with Who I Am and What I Know. I can't be a 5% Earth everyday except on "Christmas"! ISLAM is my Culture everyday.

So, the values I choose to celebrate, and the ways I show honor must be an authentic expression of Me. Whether I choose to celebrate a "traditional" holiday or not, I must know Why because I have to Do the Knowledge on what the particular holiday is all about and the meaning of the ritual used to honor it.

Remember - I can't get caught up in BS - so what I accept as well as what I reject have to be true to Me and My Universe. If my God doesn't accept it, then we need to talk about why so that the Understanding is clear. When our children are out in the world, they will have a Foundation in Who they are, and won't feel a false sense of "pressure" to go along with the crowd. They will be secure in Who they are, therefore living out their Supreme Culture.

No doubt, they will be asked "Why don't you do this and that?" just like we are asked as adults. If we want our children to be able to answer questions about Who they are and What they Know, then as parents we have to set the tone.

Value your Culture. By doing this you Value your life, the lives of those who came before you, as well as the lives of those you will pass your Culture on to.

I Honor
Degree Days to celebrate Life (birthdays)

Independence Days to celebrate Freedom (not from Great Britain though, freedom from the mental death of being Deaf Dumb and Blind to the Truth

Family Days - I don't need to wait for November to cook a turkey or see my family

Seasonal Observances - to celebrate the physical expressions of Who We are in Nature

These celebrations and days of honor serve to show the Supreme Equality of my Culture - that yes, we are people too, and enjoy Life to the fullest - that the Values we choose to celebrate only reflect what we live EVERYDAY - and that we do not apologize for living outside the status quo.

Peace ~

P.S. Also been known to spontaneously create cause for celebration - why wait for a particular day? We ain't religious, right?