Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Do You Keep Your Home In Tune With Refinement?


I know that sometimes people say that I can a little overboard with certain things. And I agree that I do have my ways about certain things. There are just some things that I think should and should not be done in a home that prides itself on refinement. For example, I don’t wear shoes in my home. Guests can leave them at the door in exchange for some socks that they’d find in either the male basket or female basket. Some people laugh at me, however, I just feel that what you wear on your feet outside should not be worn in your home. Now, I come from dirty New York streets and would never want anything that I step on out there in my home. LOL. So, when I started to keep my own home (wherever I lived when I moved from my parents), I did not like shoes being worn in my house. I do have other “antsy” customs and ways on how I keep my home and certain things that are just not allowed or must be done, ex: no street clothes on the bed, only clean dishes on the “clean dishes side” of the sink, no dirty dishes should be left in the sink (especially over night or if you leave the house), wash your hands as soon as you come in or even open the front doors, and so many more that sometimes I drive people absolutely crazy. I have a friend that calls and every time they call, I am cleaning my bathroom (as I do at least twice a day LMAO). They say, “What are you doing Sci, Cleaning your bathroom?” LMAO However, I will not stop!!! I recently went to someone’s home and their floor looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time and their bathroom, well, it nauseates me to even talk about it. This was a woman too. And I know that woman are traditionally known as being cleaner than men, but this was way out of bounds. This wasn’t “Oh, I missed a day or two.” This was more like “I missed a year or two.” Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes, I may miss a few days of mopping if it doesn’t need to be done, I’d just get on hands and knees and clean some problem areas. Keep in mind that my whole house besides one area rug is bamboo and that’s a lot of damn mopping! I do slip up sometimes on dusting. By that I mean than I may only get to it once a week. Then it drives me crazy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting your home to look like t could be in a home magazine. LOL Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, just passionate. LOL. What are some customs that you keep in your Queendom / Kingdom that maybe we can all learn from and incorporate in ours?

Sci-Honor Devotion


infiniterahe said...

Peace Sci

We have two cats and they can pretty much go most places in the house except for kitchen. I will not allow them in the kitchen. I have been in too many people's homes and have seen cats and other animals allowed in the kitchen and up on counter tops and tables. That is nasty. I love to cook and I love to have people over to eat and I want people to feel comfortable at the rest and not be concerned if some stray cat hair is going to wind up in the potato salad. I like the idea of having extra socks at the front door for people to walk around in especially b/c my house is mostly carpeted. Great topic.


I. Rahe Allah

Eboni Joy said...

Peace SciHonor,

My dear... you are a professional mother, wife, "homemaker" and homeschooler (and you know that I say all of the above with the utmost regard)... because of this, cleaning house is part of your "job description" so to speak. A person who has to commute to work and home again, work 8 to 12 hours a day, cook and feed the family, bathe the seeds (and self), honestly has NO TIME to clean every day. Then again, yeah, if I had seeds the bathroom - at the very least - would get cleaned multiple times... I feel you!

And folks consider me slightly compulsive, but even I don't have time to clean as much as you do... nor would I want to if I did... WHEW!

Needless to say, I do have my quirks... and NO SHOES IN THE HOUSE is one of them, I cannot stand for "stuff" to be on my toilet so I do clean my toilet at least once a day; though usually two or three times - in the morning when I wake, when I come home from work - the God works from home - I mop the bathroom floor at this time too - I'm sorry but when men pee, at no fault of theirs, it splashes, and in the middle of the night if need be... LOL! Much of this is more about being a germaphobe than obsessive cleaner. Cleaning is NOT fundamental... well, not FUN anyway!

I HATE bugs so I'm obsessive about food being dropped on the floor... I will literally watch every move a person makes when they're eating in my rest to make sure they don't drop a crumb... if I see any food on the floor I MUST (compulsively) vacuum/mop immediately. I grew-up with pets, and adore cats... but the OCD in me won't let me get one... I just can't get the thought out of my head of them stepping on their own piss and poop in the liter box then stepping EVERYWHERE... on the couch, on the bed, ON THE PILLOWS, etc... it grosses me out.

One thing SciHonor and I have in common also is the NO OUTSIDE CLOTHES ARE ALLOWED IN BED (in fact, now that my God and I are in the same Kingdom, I've calmed down a bit and at least let him sit on the edge of the bed with his outside clothes on... my little sister can attest that she was NOT allotted this privilege).

Washing hands once entering the kingdom is a must, before eating ANYTHING is a must, and after using the restroom is a must (and trust... even if you're an adult... I will turn your butt back around and have you wash them right). I prefer to wash my own dishes cause I don't trust most to do it right (same with the bathroom) - the God, thank goodness be on it!

And EVERYTHING has its place, once we've finished eating food must be put away immediately (in fact I clean as much as I can while I cook), dirty dishes cannot be left in the sink overnight nor all day, leftovers are tossed in 5 days max, and the fridge is cleaned out at least once a week. Do NOT throw food away in my garbage can unless it's sealed tightly in a plastic bag and I don't even bother using the dishwasher since I found I'm excessively thorough with rinsing the dishes off when planning to use it.

Okay... forgetaboutit... my obsessive compulsivity knows no bounds!!!


Genially Green Earth said...

Peace SciHonor,

I'm definitely on the borderline compulsive cleaning tip as well, I always have been a so called "neat freak." I find that I can keep my rest at REST if I keep it in order. My schedule is full and the weekend is the most time I have at the rest, so at any give time while I am at home I am either cleaning, reorganizing, or maintaining. I too have a NO SHOE's IN THE HOUSE policy. It took folks a little getting used to, but everyone picks up quick. I clean the kitchen as I prepare my meals and I plan future meals, to make the process easier. I don't keep any animals in the house at all, I've learned my lesson. Everywhere is tile so I sweep at least every other day, if not everyday. And at least once a week evey piece of furniture is moved and cleaned. On the cleaning end the list is can be lengthly.

BUT above cleaning, the small things that bring peace to my rest is my music, My ipod and radio are on twice as much as my TV. My incense or my oils that I burn everyday, they awaken the senses and relax the mind. My choice of furniture and home furnishings that encourge people to come and sit together and build. Everything has it's purpose and place. Every room has it's unique qualities that engages the mind. For example, one of the fixtures in my living room is my bookshelf, it's not large, eye level for a child, so everytime my niece comes in, she looks for a book. Nothing she can read yet, but all imformation that has effected her history. That lets me know that my rest is an environment conducive for her growth.

My main goal in refining my home is making it a home that is lived in, and consistently a place of retreat. It makes me look forward to being home.

-Genially Green Earth

Kahsanjra: Back to the Foundation said...

I have a thing about walking on carpet with shoes as well so I take of my shoes in my home. I also hate to see lent balls or balls of hair on the carpet, it makes it look TERRIBLE, even after I vaccume I go back with my hands and pick up any hair or lent lol.


~Devine~ said...


Coming from a rest with a wisdom(my mother)that was a compulsive cleaner, I was happy to only live by rules for self. Born u Truth reality kicks in quickly and I found myself with her same habits. I clean the bathroom daily, kitchen as a whole has to stay spotless, etc. I have a tic with laundry.Things must be folded a certain way and always placed in the same order, be it in the closet or dressers.
Once the God and I started sharing the rest I noticed he never walks around without shoes on his feet. This was so strange to me at first. He never said a word to me.I have now picked up the habit and cannot stand bare feet matter how clean the floor is.

MahognyHomeschooler said...

You sound so much like me. It's as if I'm reading about myself LOL I am very particular about my home and how it is to run. I have a shoe rack at the front and back door of my home and hand washing is #1 on the infection control list. I have 4 children who are always playing and tumbling about on the floors and could even imagine the types of filth they would be playing in if shoes were worn throughout my home. I home is very functional throughout the day so we have moments or "Power clean-ups" LOL where we put any learning naterials, toys, etc. away. Simple up keep of the home is vital to the functionality of not just your home, but your mind. If your home is in disarray, your mind will be as well. ~Peace~