Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is It Your Job to Have Babies?


I had an interesting conversation with a God the other day. He felt that it was a woman’s “job” to have babies. He said that she had to have at least one child. He said that people who decide not to have children are selfish. I found it interesting because although I work in the childbirth field and respect a woman’s ability to give birth, I also respect a persons decision to not have any children if they don’t want any. Why have children just because? I told him that having children just to have them was selfish. I don’t think that you have to have physical children to leave your mark in this world. I know traditionally, it was a given that women in our nation would born babies and men would just continue to fertilize even to the point of having 5,6,7,8,9,10 or more, which is fine, if that‘s what they wanted. However, I don’t think that a women is any less of a woman if she decides not to have children or a man is any less of a man if he decides not to have children. I know that many will disagree with me because I’ve heard many people build on this. Would you say that a woman is not the Earth until she gives birth and a man is not God until he goes hard? Hmmmm.

Sci-Honor Devotion


Anonymous said...

Peace SciHonor Devotion,

I would like to add on with this. I am brother who thru no fault of my own may not be able to have children. Basically, my wholistic doctor is working with me, but he is pretty certain that that there some type of blockage in one of the glands in my head that is preventing the necessary production of what's needed to have the children. For a long time I stopped building because I thought that I didn't have the right to call myself True and Living if I didn't have any children running around. Then one of my wise brothers reminded me that whether you have children or not a positive male figure in any child's life will serve them more that just some dude talking about those my babies, but I don't really take care of them.

If a woman decides she doesn't want to have children, I don't think that she should told she can't be the Earth. Some people honestly may not be mentally prepared to have children. Also, it costs money to be having children. Quite honestly foster care/adoption has come up often between me and my Queen. Do you know how many original children is up in the foster care system?? I come from a family where my grandmother adopted my children. My family is deep. My mother and all her natural sisters were left to the state and my grandmother got my mother and other girls when they were young.

In any case, it's a woman ability and choice to have children and it's our Nation's job to teach, protect, and raise the babies.

Critique Allah said...

In a perfect world everyone should be able to reproduce, pass their legacy, thoughts, DNA on forever, plenish the earth! For a god to reach his full equality, it's best that he born himself out through the womb of his earth. Having an earth and babies will give god an full perception of things-Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. And I understand some 3 on a man not being god until he reproduces and goes through process of birth and maintaining the weight of the earth. A god will learn alot about life when dealing with a complete cipher of man. woman and child as it relates to the universe.
Yet also note that this is not a perfect world, with a circumference of 24,896 sq. miles cause a wobble when the earth spins. And we have seen enough of babies(irregardless to their physical age) raising babies. Some have had rough childhoods and have serious personal issues that leaves them cold to their own children- some may even abuse their child mentally or physically. Financially some may feel as though they can't afford it. Different strokes for different folks, just glad that we are not a religion and everyone must do what's best for them and then show and prove it. Peace,
Critique Allah

lord yafo sais said...

The Earth's worth should not be determined by her ability to have babies. She should be revered for all of her contributions to the universe not just one. The old adage, in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, is demeaning and not becoming of a progressive nation.

queen_zafirah said...


I respect that it's a woman's choice whether or not she wants to have a baby. Moreover, the decision to have a baby should because a woman wants a baby and for no other reason. Having children is quite a commitment. I have to do many things after my child is asleep. I have to sacrifice many things because I have a child. But I am rewarded everyday in seeing her grow physically and mature mentally and learn new things. It makes me glad. I also want to adopt--to think that I may not have not been considered the Earth if I didn't born babies from my womb is ridiculous. Of course a lot is learned in motherhood and plenty of changes are made when transitioning into the role of mother. I see that all women are maternal and that is the essential quality of Earth which should not be confused with the non-essential attribute of mother.

17 Z~

Mi'asia serenity Earth said...

Peace to the Nation
I am queen I am Earth, I am mother of civilization, I get my name Earth from the only planet in the universe that is capable of reproducing life, that is the planet earth...a sista can not be earth if she has not giving birth,I also feel for the same reasons just as a sista can not be a mother without giving birth, she can act motherly by functioning as one, teaching or civilizing the righteous seeds of Allah. Mother is a female parent that gives origin. B.u.t. the truth is in our lessons the wisdom(2) degree in the Supreme mathematics states we are secondary ,B.U.T. most necessary in bring forth life..In our Earth lessons the Equality degree it tell us when we sre submissive to allah's will we are worthy of such attributes as Queen,earth, mother, which will then represent and beautify our natural existence of our nature and purpose..Our lesson gets added on to not taken away. Women that can not have seeds due to physical problems they are not selfish, are they living righteous? I don't know, the women who choose not to have seeds, I don't see them in our nation for being submissive to their God, is being submissive to having the righteous seeds of Allah, That is their duty,for the ones who decide they just don't want seeds are missing the the greatest gift on earth and missing their purpose that is to build Allah Nation..our foundation is our foundation..it has not changed... .Peace

Eboni Joy said...


It is not my "job" to have babies, it is my choice! As mother of civilization, it IS my job/duty to nurture, educate, raise and be responsible for the babies who grace my cipher with their presence. I'm Godmother, officially, to eight children, aunt to seven, and "Auntie" to many more and someone who thinks that I am not an Earth because I haven't conveniently (or inconveniently - depending on the relationship) been knocked up doesn't fully understand what it IS to be an Earth an how your duty expounds beyond the home and must also be carried out abroad... and if you haven't mastered both (knowing how to act as mother of civilization at home and abroad - be it with your own seeds or taking on the responsibility to raise ALL the babies in the village) then you are still doing the knowledge to who you are and what your FULLEST equality is as an Earth.

On another note, WE do not have "Earth Lessons". Earth lessons are one brothas understanding of who HIS black woman is, how HE wants her to act at home and abroad, and how HE sees her development. YOUR GOD should be the only writer of the rules and regulations required to be his Earth. You adopt another man's understanding of what HIS Earth should be then you are reflecting HIM, not the so-called Lord of your world.

And just to be clear, our "LESSONS" are 120 Lessons consisting of the student enrollment, lost found muslim lesson no.1, english lesson no. c1, lost found muslim lesson no.2, the actual facts and the solar facts. Supreme Mathematics are not part of "the lessons" the math is the culture! That why the questions "How do you see today's math" and "How do you see today's degree" are not referring to the same thing - math refers to the culture, degree refers to the lessons.

Back to the question at hand though, my God has children so he doesn't need me to re-create himself... that's been done. If he wanted to have more and we agreed that the time is right I would give all within my power to manifest that determined idea. But personally, I'd rather adopt... THAT is selflessness, as a parent, to the utmost extent. As my physicals have seeds and their genes ARE my genes and one of my niece is my splitting image - personality and behavioral-wise AND physically... so my genealogical legacy continues in them - my legacy as a poor righteous teacher continues in many.


Eboni Joy Asiaitic