Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Internet Educators"

Peace Asiatics!

First off, I have to give props to Allah Jihad for helping me bring this build to its full inception. It had been on my mind ever since our Family Day (4th Annual Harvest in Allah's Garden) out here in Atlanta back in October, but the God used the phrase "internet educators" in a build we had today and it really sparked my transition of thought into words...

It seems like ever since the inception of myspace – well, since my personal awareness of and activity on myspace – a new breed of so-called Gods and Earths have emerged – those who have learned about the culture of the 5% from “internet educators”. What is an "INTERNET EDUCATOR" you ask? Typically, a God who is supposedly teaching a sista or brotha whom he has met ONLINE ONLY about the culture of the Gods and Earths, Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, and 120 Lessons. Typically, this person has never been met IN THE PERSON and he has not shown and proven himself to be true to his word nor truly living out the culture he claims, and so his knowledge and wisdom is taken on face value by the brothas and sistas seeking education and usually (until warned) don't know any better. Many of these brothas and sistas supposedly being educated by these mysterious Gods have gotten their 120 Lessons emailed to them online, have been shown pictures from the Earths myspace pages in order to emulate their dress and headwraps, posted Universal Flags on their pages to garner the attention and acceptance of other Gods and Earths online, have Wu-Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Busta Rhymes and Brand Nubian on their song lists to show that they’re aware of the Gods’ influence on hip hop, and have taken on a lengthy name (for the sistas, often GIVEN to them by their “internet educator”) after merely READING the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet – never mind applying the principles (unless application is considered writing a poem with “knowledge”, “wisdom”, “understanding”, “culture”, “power” and the like sprawled throughout the verses) or understanding them and their purposefulness.

To the sistas, when you are interested in learning more about the Nation of Gods and Earths and in studying the Math, Alphabet and 120 Lessons, and come across a “God” who sparks your attraction online (be it mentally or physically) here are some things to consider:

Have you first made an effort to find and contact Gods and Earths in your own area, before building with someone who resides in a different city or state?

Have you attended any rallies, classes or NGE gatherings in your city so that you can meet the collective of Gods/Earths and based on each potential educator’s degree of knowledge, how they live and apply what they know, how their personality and character meld with yours, and their community involvement determine who would be best suited to guide you through your studies?

If you met your “educator” online, when will you meet him in person? (You can only know a person truly if you have walked with them in addition to talking with them. A person can tell you anything they desire, but you can see the truth only if you observe with your five senses.)

Even if your educator is not in your area, do you still make an effort to connect with those you claim to be in "our Nation" in the person? (A Nation is a collective of people with common laws and culture. Consider this, if you do not spend time among that group of people, especially when you are what we call a "newborn" - new to the studies and culture of the Nation of Gods & Earths - how are you part of "our Nation"?)

If you do not live in that Gods/Earths city nor state, and therefore can't see for yourself, can others in his city or state verify that he is true and living, can they vouch for his sincerity, works, and knowledgeableness?

If that God resides in a different city, does he come around in his own city and support local ventures – like rallies, classes, seeds outings and programs, community outreach programs, family day, etc.? Does he not only attend but also assist in the planning of these ventures?

Is your “educator” encouraging you to self-reflect and self-correct, or are they ONLY praising you on being the Queen that you are (even though you’ve put forth no hard labor to refine… BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF, YOU’LL BE BETTER FOR IT)?

Is your “educator” bringing to light your faults - so not to build you up on faulty ground (which prevents your crumbling upon experiencing your first earthquake)?

Do you build with proven Earths, or only your God/educator? (A man can teach you how to be HIS Earth according to his laws at home and follow his rules and regulations abroad; he cannot SHOW you how to be AN Earth regardless to whom or what. As they say, "actions speak louder than words", so only another woman can SHOW you through her WAYS and ACTIONS how to BE an Earth.)

Is your educator demanding that you read and learn about the history of the Nation of Gods and Earths, materials that teach you about being - and help you become - an educated and refined (with refined mentality, ways and actions, and physical appearance) Black WOMAN, does he explain what it means in tangible and applicable terms what it is to be a true and living God and Earth and what it means for YOU to be "Mother of CIVILIZATION", does he teach you about the duty of a civilized person (to teach others once you are QUALIFIED to do so), does he teach you that learning and refining is an INIFINITE process and to never limit whom or what you can learn from, is he teaching you the knowledge of God (how to be a and/or his Queen) AND knowledge of SELF (how to be an Earth)?

These questions are intended for YOU to answer for the sake of your own wellbeing and proper education. As I said above BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF, YOU'LL BE ALL THE BETTER FOR IT!

Eboni Joy Asiatic


God Born Justice Allah said...

Peace Nation
I will that all who read this take heed to this build because there are a lot of Earths falling victim to the WOLF'S IN GODS CLOTHING so many newborns have reached out to me with this same issue great build
peace to the 14th degree and you my sister Ebony Joy.
Lord Born Justice

Anonymous said...


Great insight on a growing issue within our Culture... Learning the Culture of Living Mathematics is nothing without context...

I Majestic Allah

infiniterahe said...

"Internet Educators". Now that's wack. I was opposed to the idea of trying to teach this math, lessond or anything online. The relationship between the person who brings you the knowledge and the newborn is real personal. This is not like Strayer University or Phoenix. Some online university. Anyone looking for this knowledge needs to be taught face to face. I know Gods who travelled from state to another to get degrees, build, whatever. The internet has no feeling. When I first came into the knowledge and began studying I met my educator's babies, his woman, I travelled various places with him. I would get quizzed. Asked questions about lessons and how I saw them. Being taught on the internet is just being short changed.

As far as manipulating the sisters, that's a NO NO. Our blackwomen deserve better than that. If a brother feels so inclined to teach a woman. Teach her the knowledge. Don't try to control her. The knowledge and your desire your to be righteous should be sufficient for a woman or man to control themselves. The lessons should not be used a means to pulling this or that woman. If you are just and true that will be seen and the woman will come to you. That's real magnetic.


I. Rahe Allah

Critique Allah said...

Peace 17, TRUE INDEED and I would like to personally tell all those who have gotten a SPARK from the internet that it's okay to be cautious of meeting people in person. Yet don't let that fear stop you from obtaining knowledge. Over the years I may have helped over 50 people locate the rally's in their area, whom I met on the internet- some who are great builders today. As well,newborns, people who are curious to this culture, if you have ANY questions you need answered, ask 14th degree and beyond-"The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil." As well, if you have gained something from reading these blogs, let the earths know! And if you want to attend parliaments in your area, these earths here will do all they can to make sure you connect with someone safe and wise enough to teach you. But you have to SQUEAK first.
Critique Allah

Kwadjo said...

As a newborn into the NGE I have found alot of support on-line. In fact it was through an "on-line" God that I was able to connect with an Educator in my area. As Critique Allah stated, the internet should be used to spark but then that person should direct the brother or sister to someone who can walk with them who can show and prove. There will always be those who walk it and those who talk it. Let our actions speak for us.

Kahsanjra: Back to the Foundation said...

Thoe I was introduced to the Nation thruogh the internet by a god, I can say it was a tool in helping me gain knowledge of self. I totally agree with the Post that the Physical is just as important as the Mental, I had to learn the hard way. Thoe no real regrets but I think it would have made it alot smoother to have all magnitudes of building a relationship as intimate as that. The times that I did come around the Nation was very different from the picture of what someone tells you, I was able to connect a few more dots once I saw others build and move.