Monday, May 31, 2010

We need you to TELL US HOW YOU SEE IT!


In every issue of our magazine we pose a series of "Tell Us How You See It" questions to our readers. In our Spring 2010 issue we asked our readers to answer the questions below. Unfortunately we didn't get many replies, which means we won't have any answers to publish in our Summer 2010 Show& Prove issue of the magazine. So if you're up to it, and would like to share your valuable insight with our readers and the thousands of people who attend Show & Prove in Harlem, NY every year (he 2nd Sunday of June at Harriet Tubman School), then please answer the following:

1. How has having knowledge of self most benefited you?

2. What responsibilities do you think the Earths in the Nation should have to the Nation and the community as a whole?

3. Let’s help our daughters become great women! What strong characteristic of yours do you want
your daughter(s) to acquire? What characteristics of yours could be detrimental to her? How can you be
sure that she gets the best of you?

4. Do you utilize the Nation of Gods and Earths yearly Health Calendar? Why or why not? If so, how do you incorporate this into your personal ciphers?

We go to print Saturday June 6 so asap we need you to TELL US HOW YOU SEE IT! by posting your answers as a comment or emailing them to the14thdegreeandbeyond@com

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