Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sometimes silence is the wisest action...

Peace Asiatics,

Since it's been fairly difficult to manifest words to write for this blog specifically, I've been taking posts from my fb page and posting them here. This one got quite a few "likes" and comments yesterday, inspired by people (myself falling victim at times too) who just don't know when to shut up, when a battle isn't worth fighting (let alone being able to acknowledge when they've lost the fight), people who think they're so smart that they're totally clueless as to when they're surrounded by better knowers, people who don't abide by their own teachings, and people who want to teach but too stubborn to learn!

ignorante inteligente = smart dummies (1) folks with text book knowledge they love to share but have yet to put to practice (2) smart people who don't realize knowledge is infinite so in the grand scheme of things, regardless to how much they know, they still don't know sh!t (3) one who epitomizes "you talkin' loud but you ain't sayin' nothin'" (4) folks too smart to know that sometimes silence is the wisest action... And "ACTION is supreme!"

Eboni Joy Asiatic

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