Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We Are Family...?

Peace Everyone. Recently I had a conversation with my favorite Aunt - the Ambassador of our family so to speak. I only really got to know her about 10 years ago but since then… we have been close as ever. She taught me who and what family was. She taught me what it was to be loved by family and to embrace everything that makes us – us, from our imperfections to our greatest strengths. And for all she has done for me... to help me grow and understand love and family – I am eternally grateful. The conversation - or jewel I should say – she just blessed me with was; to appreciating everything you have today because it may not be there tomorrow… so not to worry so much about the little things; something I have always taken heed to. But in the conversations with her and some of my other relatives I realized that it is a big step to call someone family.

In our culture we see today’s mathematics as knowledgepower/refinement all being born to equality. To know the truth, and continue to try and perfect the way you share what you know so that everyone/thing understands - to me requires a patience and love that can’t be learned. Because it’s not just about telling everyone the same thing… it’s about giving everyone the attention and explanation they need in order to truly understand what you are trying to tell them – and use it in the way they choose. (Hopefully for the betterment of themselves and others)

I say all this because of a discussion I had regarding Family vs. Friends within our culture. People are so quick to say “my sister” or “my brother”… not me. NO. There is a certain level of trust when you call someone your family that is not to be given to someone just because they may live the same way of life as you or go to the same church as you or whatever. In my opinion – if I wouldn’t trust you with my children – even when you’re standing right next to me - you aren’t family. We all have blood relatives we may not like, but we know they wouldn’t do harm to our children. Because there is a trust and knowledge of who they are (regardless to differences) to help you understand that they would look out for your seeds.

There is a saying “Every Man ain’t your Brother and every Brother ain’t a Man”. How do you see it?

What qualifies/disqualifies someone as Family? Or IS there any such qualification required.


Queen Civilized Zag

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