Monday, June 15, 2009

Your BEST Memories of Show & Prove

Peace Asiatics... and Peace to the Nation of Gods & Earths!

With Show and Prove weekend coming to a close yesterday with the 40th Anniversary of Show and Prove, the 14th Degree and Beyond wants you to share your BEST, most profound memory of Show and Prove past... or even present (if your most memorable Show and Prove was yesterday, June 14th, or perhaps it was the first one you had ever attended). Regardless, we want you to share with us your most cherished memory. And yes, this is one of those blogs where the answers will be published in the Autumn 2009 issue of The 14th Degree and Beyond.

And since I'm asking you to share yours... I'll give you mine!

I used to think my first Show & Prove would ALWAYS be my favorite, because I was so young, and so observant and conscious of paying attention to EVERYTHING and meeting EVERYONE (at least, as many people as I could... especially elders), and because I was connected to a lot of Earths thru the web (specifically, the PeacefulQueens YahooGroup) meeting those Earths in the person was just... an amazing experience. It really taught me, that whole year that I spent in Now Why in 2001, what it IS to BE a true and living Earth... in speech, dress, mannerisms, the way I treat people, the way I treat myself, and fulfilling my purpose.

BUT, because of some hell I went through after the last Show and Prove I attended - that of 2007 - and some fall-outs I've had with sisters (yes, sisters as in plural) near and dear, I suspect that the Show and Prove of 2007 will be my last moment of deep, sincere bonding with several of the Earths I count(ed) among my sisters, peers, mentors and guides at that time, and had spent a decade building that bond with. And so I cherish that one, the 2007 Show and Prove, because we had the 10-24 Earth Conference that year and I'm proud of the work and dedication that myself and the other planners (Natural Black, Mecca Islam, SciHonor Devotion and IAsia Azania) put in to make it happen and overjoyed that so many Earths made an effort to travel far and wide in order to attend and make the conference a success (so many of the Earths in my generation came thru to attend and it was a beautiful, nostalgic time); from the conference on Saturday - to the cookout at the school where I met a lot of Gods I'd only interacted with online up to that point, and saw family who I'd known for years but don't see often because we live so far apart - to our (the Earths) bonding at one of the Earth's kingdoms that evening - to the Show and Prove on Sunday where we all came together to see Allah in person, build, renew, support the babies, eat good, and take madd pictures! Even though my relationship with some whom I shared that weekend with will never be the same, I still cherish the memories because the experiences we shared through the years helped make me who I am and I LOVE it!

So... add on!

Eboni Joy Asiatic

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Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

2009 was my very first Show and Prove ever!

I don’t really think I had a lot if any preconceived ideas about what I expected. Just the experiences and pictures from G&E’s who had already attended one. There were Gods and Earths of all ages, sizes, educational levels and socioeconomic classes. But what most impressed me, was the concept of “Universal Love”. I have heard the term bandied around here and there, but the cynic in me doubted its existence. I am happy to report that it does exist.

I plan to make Show & Prove an event that I attend every year if possible.