Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Single Most Important Bit of Knowledge You Can Bestow Upon Someone"

Peace Asiatics!

So my sista Queen Zafirah, a regular contributor to the 14th Degree magazine, posted a question on the Nation of Gods and Earths myspace group, under the topic - What do you want to know about the N.G.E but were too afraid to ask - on June 9th asking:

"What’s the single most important bit of knowledge you can bestow upon someone coming into this?"

Only herself and two others had responded when I posted my answer. And my answer was really just an extension of Zafirah's because what she said, in retrospect, I KNOW was primary in my growth as a person and development as an Earth. Because of this, I'm compelled to ask this very same question as my blog topic for the week, also sharing with you Queen Zafirah's insight and my answer to her question.

Zafirah's answer was (and being that she writes for the mag on a regular basis and is an AVID supporter I'm sure she'll be peace with me sharing this... RIGHT ZAFIRAH??? LOL): "Being here and acquiring knowledge of self will not change you. There is no one here with 'special powers' who can summon the energy of the ancients and save you. What you get here are tools to save yourself. So when you walk in the door, your journey has only just begun."

I responded, specifically to the sistas, with:

"Remember that you are here to gain knowledge of SELF. This is not a religion any more than it is a God-worshipping culture. As women we tend to be about the man rather than the plan, be about the messenger rather than the message - this is why our numbers are so small, because we fall off when our relationships fail since we focused only on being Queens and knowledging our Gods, rather than focus on gaining knowledge of self and learning what it is to be women (rather than girls, chicks, bitches, hoodrats and the like), sistas, moons, Queens, Mothers of Civilization, AND Earths - what it means to portray or apply the traits of these various beings and what it takes to qualify us for each one of these titles/roles. Knowledge of God and being his Queen will only get you through the door - it is not a shield and he can’t save you any more than a mystery God can. Your receptiveness to knowledge and thirst to learn more and continuously elevate, and the effort you put in to apply what you learn, live righteously and achieve all the above is what will save you and power your elevation as a true and living Earth to knowledge your fullest equality (Earth-qualities). Stay elevated and keep elevating. This is the single most important bit of knowledge I have learned in living this culture."

So, not to bite the Earth, but to reiterate the importance of our sharing what we've learned, and especially what we know in retrospect, to be of the upmost importance in our growth and development, I too ask you to share with us...

"the single most important bit of knowledge you can bestow upon someone coming into this [the Nation of Gods and Earths]?"

Eboni Joy Asiatic


Allah Intelligence said...

Peace to the 14th Degree and Beyond. This be the God Allah Intelligence from Medina. The Single Most Important Bit of Knowledge I Can Bestow Upon Someone coming into this Nation is that you don't throw your common sense out the door once you become a part of this Culture. Too many individuals come through the door and become religious with their Mathematics-instead of correlating it with the common sense they were given at birth, they become victims allowing themselves to be abused by others. Others who claim to come in the Name however their just lip professors flooded with swift wisdom taking advantage of whoever comes across their path. The only thing you should leave in the 85 world is the falsehood and ignorance that was blinding you-however everything else to protect your mental and emotional environment that you were blessed with from birth should most definitely come with you. Know when to say no and when to say yes. Know when to say Fuck You and when to say Thank You. When to say He's the God and when to say 'that niggas full of shit'. Same for the Earths. Pardon my French b.u.t. thats just how I see it. Peace.

The 14th Degree and Beyond said...

Peace Allah Intelligence!

Gotta give you a PRAISE THE LORD for that one... speak truth, regardless of how harsh it may FALSLEY appear on the surface!!!

I know from first hand experience of being a former simp this advice is ALL too true!

Peace & thanks for sharing,
Eboni Joy Asiatic

Dr. Carl Florenco said...

I disagree with your statement that reads “Being here and acquiring knowledge of self will not change you. Knowledge is just the starting point, now you have to understand how to apply it; you have to recognize and identify exactly what you have to change, before you can start the process. Read, The Power of Self Separation and you will start to understand what happened. In the end, change is all up to you. This takes time and will power to bring about any change start now life is short.