Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tell Us How You See It...

Peace Family!

Another new blog day, and again I'm not going to post another new blog. Why? Because we still need YOUR words of wisdom in regards to the below questions to go into The 14th Degree and Beyond Magazine's Summer 2009 "Show & Prove" Issue.

Thanks goes out to the Queen who posted her "anonymous" build to Wednesday's blog. One of the reasons we started the blog was to spark conversation about some of the issues that permeate our Nation, and I knowledge that many of the points the Queen made are true to life and definitely need addressing.

However, we also need to have a complete grouping of answers for our magazine's "Tell Us How You See It" section... so this time, I'm not responding to any answers posted. I'm just going to thank you now for taking the time to build with us and adding on to the fullness of the magazine... as we've said time and again, we couldn't do it without you, our readers and supporters!

So with that I'll say Peace - from Eboni Joy Asiatic!

And the questions are:

  • What can seasoned Earths do to welcome new sistas into the Nation?
  • Please share your experience as a newborn Earth and tell us how you were treated when you first came among the Nation?


Original Thought Meta-zine said...

Earths can welcome new earths by showing them ething that positive about the nation FIRST. Alot of times earths will share their bad experiences and dis-satification first. Those who come, they come looking for something different than every other cipher in the world. No one is perfect, yet show what we have perfected. Warmth, teaching, embracing the babies, and building non- stop. Show the new earths those qualities and they will be honored to help out with those bad qualities that we as a people are still working on. Women are all about EXPRESSION. She reflects the god and this nation. A new born earth will pick up VIBES from the other earths, you can't fake a vibe. Positive Energy Always Causes Elevation.

Queen Lyric said...


As a new earth I am so delighted that you posted this question. I believe that Queens should Be more open about their positive experiences as a young earth to encourage the new earth. I have so many questions and experience so many things I would love to learn about the good things that the Nation has helped to birth from the Queens. Sometimes I find that as Queens there are some who don't want to reach out and share with the new and young earths. Which is contradictory because we are supposed to be excited about educating those without knowledge of self and especially those who want knowledge of self. Another thing is to show what the Nation has taught you by living a righteous life. There is nothing worst than a jacked up ignorant person teaching another how to live. I am so thankful for the people in my life who are teaching me what they know and showing me the results of constant study and growth. I also look forward to any who will be willing to spread their wisdom with me as I am thirsty for knowledge.

The 14th Degree and Beyond said...

Peace Queen Lyric,

Again, I am always open to build. My email is, can be found at and I'm on facebook too as Eboni Joy.

I recommend logging onto the Peaceful Queens YahooGroup as well, if you haven't already. There's a wise collective of sisters from all backgrounds - especially Earths - who share honestly and openly in their experiences and insight. Find the cipher at -

Eboni Joy Asiatic

Queen Lyric said...


I appreciate the add-on. I will respond via e-mail. If there are any events or any news please contact me at I would be more than glad to hear from you. Expect feedback via e-mail.