Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Raising Our Babies in the Hood


Growing up in NYC has given me the opportunity to see many things. One of these interesting things is how parents in the “hood” raise their children. I think I’ve seen it all from putting lip gloss and a pocketbook on a little boy to mothers sleeping with their son’s friends. I know this seems simple to many of us, but for single parents, those with little money, those living in “the hood”, those raising children with special needs or exceptional challenges, or just being a parent with no damn common sense, it could be an especially troublesome road to navigate. Often it becomes a trial and error process, because there is little guidance available on the subject. I am doing research on the subject and want to know, What dumb sh&% have you seen parents do and what advice would you give to parents raising children now-a-days? Do’s and Don’t Do’s ? *Remembering that we are talking about parents in the hood who are trying to survive day to day, while having limited resources. They may not have the option to expose them things like art classes at the finest art schools, international sleep away camps, etc. They need some real live, tangible advice on how to raise their children. What should all children know when walking the streets? Ex; Stay in groups, make sure you have ID on you, etc. Consider the lessons you’ve learned while growing up.

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Queen Lyric said...


I am so glad that I read this posting. I have seen mothers in the hood with their children dingy and running wild with no since of self preservation all because the mothers and fathers do not have the respect or knowledge of themselves. In which case they subject their children to lowered standards and mediocracy when it is not necessary.

My input is this, being that I am a single mother. If you have children anywhere; the hood, or a paradise, allow them to understand that they are precious jewels in which this Nation will be founded upon one day and that they have to stake their claim in this world with the upmost in dignity in order to gain respect.Where ever you are living do your best to create a positive environment for them. It may not be easy this I undertand but the fate of our Nation depends upon the Righteous leaders we develop today. It is imperative that we set the standards high to obtain our goals in life. And most importantly lead by example. You can not expect your children to take pride in themselves if we, as parents, do not take pride in ourselves.