Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Woman's Worth

Peace. For a second, let's take "Earth" or "Queen" out of the makeup of who we are and just look at our basic - the woman. We, as women, are very complicated beings. As resiliant as we are in so many aspects, sometimes we can reduce ourselves to the lowest just based on how we are treated or spoken to by others in our lives. It is important that we do not allow others to dictate our self-worth and reduce our self-esteem to nothing. Instead we should surround ourselves with those who uplift, empower, and embrace who we are as women. Our self-worth can either be a cancer or an abundance of blessing in our lives and those that surround us, depending upon which way we chose.

Whether you realize it or not, others make determinations of our self-worth. When they see your man talk to you like with disrespect, your self-worth is calculated. When they hear the confidence in your voice when you give that marketing presentation at work, your self-worth is calculated.

What are the characteristics of self-worth?

HUMILITY – There is an understanding and realization that you are no better or worse than anyone else – and you behave in that fashion. Self knowledge brings on humility.

DIRECTION– It comes from getting to know who and what you are (identity). Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives, likes and dislikes (and why), an awareness of those activities giving you the greatest pleasures without looking for rewards (passions), and a knowledge of what your emotions say about you, giving you control over self (personal power).

LIVE IN THE MOMENT – This allows you to increase your scope of observation in everything, including human behavior (a major ingredient in recognizing truth and predicting events). Living in the moment leads one to the truth of one’s personal experience. Ideologists, bigots and racists lack the awareness to see people of all races, religions, nationalities, etc. are individual and don’t fit one type.

WILLING TO HELP OTHERS HELP THEMSELVES – There is a sense of community with one’s fellow man/woman. That you are your sister's keeper, and to help another is to help yourself.

1. Let go of your self-doubts by not ignoring them. Self doubts such as “I am not sure I can make this work" or “am I good enough?" can overpower you if you give in to them. Know what your self doubts are. Do the best you can to accept them without identifying yourself with their charged feelings. For these feelings are really not you. When you feel comfortable enough with the feelings, release them.

2. Remind yourself of your unique greatness. Most of us have made a habit of focusing our attention on our self doubts, that we end up losing sight of our greatness. Remind yourself often about how far you have come in your life. Think of all you have achieved up to now. Don't compare yourself to others. For you cannot be everything to everybody. Therein lies your unique greatness.

3. Invite people you know to tell you what attracts them to you. One of the things that can lower your self worth is not knowing how people feel about you. I have found that people who encourage other people for their feedback exude an indestructible sense of self worth.

What are some ways that you determine or measure your self worth?

Victorious Lanasia Earth

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SV Allah said...


This is an excellent topic and one that I must weigh in on Queen. The first angle that I want to touch on is the use of the terms wisdom, queen, and Earth in describing our women. There are some Gods that I build with who will not use any of the above to describe a woman unless she is studying lessons and part of this nation, which in my sight is an emphatic now cipher. Wisdom is a degree in supreme mathematics and queen is a degree in the alphabet. Since they are both parts of interpretive tools that we use to analyze life and describe what we "see" they can be used according to the individual's discretion as long as they are said person of that ability. Now Earth is a different title all together. I will only refer to a wisdom as Earth if she is part of this Nation because that title is one that must be earned according to the criteria set forth by our nation. Wisdom to me is the stage that all original women start out at and is therefore the base level. Queen is a wisdom who has reached a certain level of refinement which is above the norm therefore justifying the title. My ole Earth doesn't know any lessons, math, or alphabets and never will born u truth there's no one that can tell me that she's not a Queen, feel me? We all refer to our mothers as such so if that's technically a contradiction then why do we do it? Because we love them that much, that's why. Our mothers are worth such an exception :o). We have to build our women up instead of getting so caught up in overzealously subjecting them to standards correspondent to these "titles." Earth is the only one that i'm holding close to the vest like that because this nation is one of Gods and Earths so Earth is reserved for said women of that ability. It's not a nation of Gods and Wisdoms or Gods and Queens although and Earth can embody all 3. If 85ers can call my sisters shawty, lil mama, or baby girl then as God I can apply my math and alphabets to build them up and magnetize them by referring to them as wisdom or queen and in so doing, perhaps make them want to strive to elevate to Earth-hood. That's what I see.