Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning... the Master Cleanse Way

Peace Asiatics!

I’m on a Master Cleanse fast right now, for the cause of cleansing my mind and body as we enter this New Year. Oh! New Year was January 1st… says who??? Ahhh… those Gregorian devils do! Don’t be fooled!!! New Year is indicative of new life; new life springs forth on our planet in March, in spring. So with this new life comes masses amounts of pollen blowing thru the air for the sake of pollination – when pollen (male reproductive organ in plants) mates with pistils (the female reproductive organ in plants) to make a little flower child (literally). Unfortunately pollen is a major cause of allergies, hay fever and even aggravates asthma suffers. Knowing that we ARE INDEED what we eat, much of that causes problems in our respiratory system – sometimes problems we don’t even notice like swollen sinuses, mucus build-up, sneezing and runny noses… allergy symptoms. So, it’s best to clear these symptoms up that are caused by adverse reactions to our foods – often overly processed, dairy filled, or even man-made concoctions – like the vegetarian’s favorite meat substitute tofu or TVP (texturized vegetable protein). Yeah, I know you were TOLD vegetarianism was the healthier way to live, but only if you’re a vegetarian eating to live rather than living to eat!

Everything from carbonated beverages, to high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, poisoned animals, tobacco smoke to polluted air all serve to poison our bodies – from our lungs to our colons to our blood stream. And so we must find ways to expel these harmful substances. By cleansing our bodies through fasting and meditation we begin to heal the ills that cause our minds and bodies to malfunction.

So, in order to return to my centeredness, in other words – get back on my health square of truth – I’m undertaking this 10-day “Master Cleanse” fast from food and beverages; adhering to a strict “lemonade diet” made of:

· Organic lemon juice
· Genuine maple syrup – preferably Grade B (freshly extracted sugar cane can be used in place of maple syrup)
· Cayenne pepper
· Water – I prefer distilled because the natural minerals in water are best preserved through this method of purification

Since this is a cleanser and not just a fast, something must also be taken to ensure elimination of waste and clear the intestinal tract. The “Master Cleanse” recommends a “saltwater flush” first thing in the morning before consuming anything. This consists of:

· 1 quart of luke-warm water
· 2 teaspoons of uniodized sea salt

You would drink the entire quart in one sitting, lay on the right side of your body for ½ an hour (this enables the saltwater to enter your colon and expedite the elimination), and you will experience a bowel movement typically within one hour. According to Mr. Burroughs, this cleans the colon tract like scrubbing a tub, and is often referred to as an “internal saltwater bath”, and has no harmful effects like some enemas, nor is it invasive like a colonic.

HOWEVER, I do not do the saltwater flush! The first time I tried it, it worked like a charm. The second time, I vomited up that saltwater within minutes of drinking it. Since throwing-up is my LEAST favorite pastime (no possibility of bulimia over here) I decided to drink an herbal laxative tea to do the elimination job instead. My herbal tea of choice – Nuevo’s Regular Strength Dieters’ Nature Slim Tea. The more food you have in your system, the longer it takes to kick-in (up to 6 hours), however, once you’re on your 3rd or 4th day of the fast it works within an hour, two at the most. Never fear, you will experience intestinal cramping, but this is just your body pushing out the waste (much like contractions are your body’s natural way of pushing out a baby during labor).

Now, people are often concerned about how they will receive all of their vitamins and minerals while on a Master Cleanse fast. So I have made a list of the benefits of each ingredient used to create this “lemonade diet”:

Of course, this (along with oxygen and sunlight) is the key to life; it keeps us hydrated, breathing, and the blood pumping through our veins. Nothing could be more basic and absolutely necessary.

Lemon Juice
It balances PH, changing an acidic environment to alkaline. An acidic PH in women is often associated with yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis; and in men and women it hinders digestion – thus, lemon juice serves to aid digestion by increasing digestive proteins that break down food in the intestines, helping our bowels to move regularly.
It has fruit calcium and strengthens teeth, bones and the central nervous system; however, when on the lemonade diet your mouth should be rinsed frequently because lemon juice also eats away at tooth enamel.
On an empty stomach lemon juice eliminates water retention.
It is also an antiseptic, killing some bacteria, and a natural expectorant, helping to expel phlegm (that’s why grandma always added it to her tea).

Maple Syrup
This is a natural, unrefined sweetener coming directly from tree sap – no artificial anything.
It has the minerals manganese and zinc in it as well. Manganese is a factor in energy productivity, and zinc is an antioxidant. Both manganese and zinc support healthy immune function.

Cayenne Pepper
This increases blood purification and circulation.
Like lemon juice, cayenne pepper is also a natural expectorant because it breaks-up, or thins, the mucus built up in your respiratory system.
It is a natural carrier of vitamins A, C, B Complex, Calcium and Potassium.
It aids digestion and re-builds stomach tissue – working against intestinal parasites and helping to heal stomach ulcers.
It also relieves tension from heart attacks.

So, as you see, no worries – your vitamin intake is not diminished with the Master Cleanse, but your waste build-up, excessive mucus and allergy symptoms will be!

So, happy spring cleaning in ALL aspects of your life!

Eboni Joy Asiatic


Queen Infinite Wisdom said...

Peace to the Earths!

This is indeed a gem. Great information. I've opted to do a juice fast then maintain a fruitarian lifestyle between now and Autumnal Equinox. Good luck with your fast and Happy New Year!

Knowledge Knowledge. 17 Infinite 2.

17Maya said...


Master cleanse was one of the first cleanses that I had ever tried. I had a bad experience with it and have not tried it again since.

The 3rd day I was extremely dizzy and light headed to point that I could barely see or get out of bed. I got scared so I stopped the cleanse immediately.

I am going to try it again in the near furture no time soon though since I am expecting.

Reading this blog has given me a bit more insight on the cleanse because I was just going to try something different.

The 14th Degree and Beyond said...

Peace Queen Maya,

Like with any lifestyle, you have to choose what works best for you - your ideals, your health issues, your weight, your nutritional/vitamin & mineral intake on a daily basis. If you were deficient in any nutrients when you started the Master Cleanse that would definitely effect whether or not you can maintain a strict fast like that. Also, many lose 5 to 15 pounds doing the master cleanse. If you are small framed a different fast - like a fresh vegetable juice and fruit juice fast or a raw foods fast (live foods diet), fresh fruit fast (fruitarian diet) may be better for you so that you don't loose too much weight. Or you can do what Elijah Muhammad suggested in How to Eat to Live - which is eat one meal a day. This helps lessen your toxin in take - as does switching from conventially grown produce to organically grown foods; which is a primary goal of a fast/detox - to elimate and lessen your intake of toxins. I used to eat one day and fast the next day continuously and healthily maintained this lifestyle for two years. Fasting just one day a week by drinking only water is another suggestion.

I don't know if you have any sweat lodges in your area (a sauna can give the same effect, but sweat lodges get you more in tune with "mother earth") but a good sweat is another way to detoxify (mentally and physically). We have one here in Atlanta that I go to often... it works wonders! Some of my folks swear by ionic foot baths as well (I haven't tried it, and do the 1 to see if it's safe during pregnancy).

NONE OF THE ABOVE (save for ionic foot baths cause I don't have knowledge on that), are recommended during pregnancy! You are right not to fast while bearing life... gotta eat! I wouldn't recommend it while nursing either.

This website presents some practical alternatives to a Master Cleanse - Also, try googling "detoxify the body."

Congratulations on the new life soon to be born!

Eboni Joy Asiatic

The 14th Degree and Beyond said...


Just checked with my brotha out here who does ionic foot baths and he says a detox should NOT be done while bearing life.

Just wanted to make that knowledge born for anyone who may have been considering it... and for self clarity too so not to encourage anyone to do anything that may be harmful to their health and especially that of the unborn child.

Eboni Joy