Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Official debut of MGT & GCC Classes at Allah School in Mecca

Just spreading the word...

The Official Debut!!!!!!!!!!

Peace to my NGE (My Family),

The Official debut of MGT & GCC Classes! Is finally here!

Where: Allah School In Mecca
2122 W 127th St. Manhattan,NYC (bet. 126th &127th St.)

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Date: May 22, 2010 and Every 3rd Saturday of the Month

Contact: Allah School..Allah B. & Queen Natural Reflection Earth
Ph:212-655-4175 (Allah School)...347-371-7204(Queen Natural)

Spread this on to all brothers and sisters, Gods and Earths.
We need your help in making this our beginning and future.
Every Queen from every area should have a representation!
Queen Mother of Civilization, we need you and all First Born.
This is the most important step in securing our future.
I give my love, my support, my time, my dedication to you.
To all Queens and my NGE family you are my hope and future.
Together there's nothing we can't accomplish.
I believe in all of you and look forward to seeing you there.
No Queen or Earth shall ever be left behind again.
Teach A Queen And Build A Civilization!
To The Gods it is also your civilized duty to help us.

Peace To All: Queen Natural Reflection Earth of Mecca

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jameelah said...

Peace I am so happy about this, I know I am late to seeing this but I am very interested in this , thanks for the info