Saturday, November 14, 2009

14th Degree & Beyond Magazine Updates (info for subscribers included)


Just a few updates about The 14th Degree and Beyond:

1) Any supporters who began their annual subscription with the December/Winter 2008/09 Issue - your subscription expired with the Autumn 2009 Issue and is now due for renewal. Subscription payments can easily be made online via your PayPal account to Otherwise, they should be mailed as a money order to:
The 14th Degree and Beyond / P.O. Box 2134 / Teaneck, NJ 07666-1534.

Electronic Subscriptions (emailed to you in the form of a PDF file) are $20
Print Subscriptions (postal mailed to your address, to cover postage) are $28
Individual Issues are $6 print
Back issues are $4
(An additional $2 shipping fee is required for individual and back issues that are postal mailed)

For more info on subscriptions contact Queen Civilized Zag.

Contact Eboni Joy Asiatic for advertising information (prices have been slashed in half for this volume: business card sized ad space per issue is $5, 1/4 page ads $10, 1/2 page ads $20, full page ads $40, and back cover full-color ads are $60).

To contribute articles, poetry or recipes, or submit answers to our "Tell Us How You See It" questions, contact SciHonor Devotion or Victorious Lanasia Earth.
(Articles, poems and recipes should be sent as MS Word documents.)

ALL inquiries can be sent to or to each individual directly via our "top myspace friends" -

2) We have a blog at that is updated every week by a staffer of The 14th Degree and Beyond with vital builds and valuable information. Please do the knowledge and post your comments freely in an exchange of knowledge and wisdom.

The current blog is about urban gardening and details how to build your own compost heap in preparation for "cool season crops" and year-round.

3) In every issue of The 14th Degree and Beyond Magazine we pose a series of "Tell Us How You See It" questions, and we publish the submitted answers in the following issue. The questions posed in the Autumn 2009 Issue "WISDOM REVOLUTION: Still In Balance" were:

1. What is a Black Woman's responsibility to her Black man?

2. Is it is acceptable for a Caucasian woman be considered or called "The

3. What are some ways we can break the cycle of financial illiteracy within
our ciphers?

4. TELL US, what do you, as a subscriber, want to see in our magazine,
whether new sections, articles regarding certain topics, more builds on
the lessons, etc.?

You do not have to be a subscriber to answer any of the above questions (except for #4 of course). Please send your answers to us at or even to our myspace inbox. Answers to the above questions will be published in the Winter 2009/10 issue of the magazine.

4) Some features within our current Autumn 2009 Issue are:

"Love Your People Day" a Nation(al) Holiday founded by the young elementary school aged God Ptah Alah of Love Allah (Los Angeles, CA).

An interview with the Elder Earth Earthly Embrace - one of the original founders of The 14th Degree and Beyond Magazine/School.

"A Struggle is a Struggle, What a Beautiful One It Is" by Maternal Luminous Earth

Petition to name the corner of 126th St. & Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.
After ALLAH, THE FATHER, submitted by Lajik 17.

"Holistic Approaches to Prenatal Health, Labor and Delivery" by Eboni Joy Asiatic

The benefits of the herb chickweed (by Queen Civilized Zag), eating brown rice rather than white rice (by SciHonor Devotion), and Ital cooking (by Victorious Lanasia Earth) are only a few of the tips given in this Autumn 2009 issue of the magazine.

It also includes information on how to get your seed(s) involved in The Pen Pal Project (a pen pal fellowship for the youth), the science of "Many Are Chosen" (by Gaumaal Complete Allah), and how to express your self-styled wisdom through 3/4ths of cloth (by S'Mas Born Earth).

There are also Nation news updates, birth announcements, various recipes, poems, and activities and lessons for the seeds within each and every issue of the magazine!


One way to Nation Build is to support your Nation media in the various ways mentioned in this posting - purchasing a subscription, submitting news about your local cipher, contributing articles, etc!

Build with us...

The Staff of The 14th Degree and Beyond Magazine
Eboni Joy Asiatic, Queen Civilized Zag, SciHonor Devotion and Victorious Lanasia Earth

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