Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cutting Back. Waaaaay Back.


With all of the issues that we are having with the economy right now, and even though gas prices are down a bit. How are you cutting back on expenses? I know some of us have been cutting back in area having to do with entertainment. For example, instead of going to the movies or Blockbuster, we have decided to borrow from libraries. In the Grocery Department, instead of buying olive oil, we have switched to safflower oil or something a little less expensive. And to cut back on toilet tissue, some of us have... Nah, Just kidding. Seriously though, I'm interested to see how we as women have been cutting back on expenses. Have you been preparing more affordable meals for your families? Have you cut back on yourself to make sure that your children have? Do you feel that there are just certain things that you are not willing to give up or even compromise? Have you picked up a little side hustle to make ends meet? Let's share some tips and ideas. I know I could use a few more.

Sci-Honor Devotion


Serenity Love Divine Earth said...

I don't drive nearly as much as I used to. Nor do I eat out like I'd want. I have already cut out expenses like land line phone services and I'm sad to say, health insurance (that I was paying out of my own pocket for) And I don't nearly shop as much for anything. I have a friends with whom I share..ahem... dvd's back and forth and that's my entertainment.

Power of Refinement said...

Peace Earth,

I will try to address the points I can remember, because when you respond to a post the authors post is no longer visible. On the topic of cutting back....Whew!!! I have done so much cutting back that it is crazy. I don’t go to the laundry mat anymore, I hand wash all of our clothes (8 of us) so today I ordered a washboard. The kind you see Amish people using and teaching there babies to use (haven’t seen anyone else other than some real country folk). When it comes the older children, they will clean there clothes and there little persons clothes as I do the gods and my clothes. Funny enough I think the clothes come out cleaner because they are not just swishing around in water, there’s a greater degree of friction. I only make groceries for a week at the most as to not waste food because I'm infamous for going to the store hungry buying a bunch of stuff based off of that hunger that never get hustle is our business; we treat it like our seventh baby. Basically all the talents that we and our children have are being groomed and in production right now to make money for all of us. OOOO and yea we don’t eat out anymore (I say for right now *smile*) these few things have helped us in saving money. I’ll be watching for other sister’s tips as I’m sure could use some more. Have a beautiful day everybody.
Beautiful Asiatic Earth

Lanasia Earth said...

Peace Queens!

This is such an important topic for all of us to share our experiences. Even before the economic crisis, many of us haven't introduced the ends in a, its definitely at a new level. One of the things I did to cut back was downsize my apartment. I was living in a $1200 a month apartment paying all my own utilities. It was a great 2 family home, with private parking, central heat/air, washer/dryer...the works! The landlady was something other than righteous, but I dealt with it because I loved the place. However, to cut back I moved to a teeny 1 1/2 br apartment saving $200 a month in rent and a about $150/month in electricity.

In addition, I utilize coupons to the FULLEST. I clip every sunday from the paper, even if I don't need them that week, I may soon. I also joined coupon clubs for the stores I shop in with online merchants.

Finally, with an almost 3-year old who is constantly busting at the seams in her clothes and shoes, I have become an avid thrift store consumer. I LOVE shopping there because I can get tons of outfits for her and myself for $20-$30.

One thing I would love to do with my sisters is having co-op or potluck dinners once or twice a week. Basically, even if we are starving 5 days a week, we know that at least one or two days we are going to so-and-so's rest for dinner. We could rotate each week. I would love to do this for other things also such as childcare, and grocery shopping if we could start a 14th Degree pantry of some sort where we can accept donations, and we know that on a given week, we can come "shop" at the pantry. Just some thoughts. PEACE

Q. Victorious Lanasia Math

Jameelah said...

I gathered some of my old gold jewelry that I don't wear anymore b/c it is out of date( bamboo earring, etc) and sold it to a gold buyer. I also clip coupons and try to buy family size products to save in cost. I also started to buy more generic products for the home even my son's pampers and wipes, family dollar has become one of my favorite places.:) My son is constantly growing so I have been shopping more at walmart for his jeans and shirts

Black Wisdom said...

Peace Queens. Cutting back for my family really hasn't been that dramatic because the god is a penny pencher (lol). We were already saving on gas by using public transportation for trips within the city (using the car only when it's necessary), and purchasing generic foods and household goods because they are just as good as the name brands (honestly, I've read all of the labels). To bring in extra money I have been selling artwork and poetry and giving haircuts to people in the community for lower prices than the barber shop (it's not a game ladies, lol). We have adjusted our work schedules to cut out the childcare/afterschool expenses for now. Like many others we are starting to buy much more of our products in bulk and I cook meals that will last a while. As stated before our changes have not been that dramatic but we can see some savings. Peace

Queen A-Mecca said...

Peace Queens,

I think this is a good avenue of thought - how can we use our resources more effectively among ourselves and reduce waste.....

Books, Movies, and Music FREE from the library (here you can check out 10 movies and 50 books at a time)

Groceries....I will be honest, this area has required the most creativity and "doing the knowledge"....I take feeding my family the right foods very seriously, and I am a big label-reader. I'm sure most of you have noticed that the "cheaper" a packaged food item is, the more wrong foods & chemicals it contains. The biggest tip I can give is plan your meals for the week! This can be done when your are clipping coupons on the weekend or building with other Earths - potluck nights (i.e. Meatless Monday) and the co-op / pantry are great ideas and they encourage SELF-RELIANCE....I have stood in the city bread line for 3 hours only to get a box of wrong foods that I wouldn't feed my family anyway. Look for farmer's markets in your local area, or get some containers & seeds and start your own veggie & herb garden! The library has also been a good source of recipe books.

I don't remember the last time I was able to go shopping for myself....however, I do have a sewing machine that should get used more!

* I will also check out the washing board idea as well, thanks for that tip!

scidev said...

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