Monday, September 29, 2008

Have You Knowledged 120? Why or Why Not?

Peace to the Earths & to the Universal Black Family!

This blog is specifically directed toward the sisters who carry the name Earth and come "In the name of Allah" under the umbrella of the Nation of Gods and Earths.

I see that a lotta folks did the knowledge to the last blog posted, however, only one sista commented and raised further questions... which is the purpose of this here forum... to exchange in knowledge, wisdom and ideas, and elevate our understanding by asking/answering questions of each other. So, Valerie, thank you for adding onto the last discussion and letting us (the 14th Degree) know that it was beneficial afterall.

That blog is always open for comment for those who want to go back after reading this... hint hint!

I'm not even going to build or state my "see" on the following questions (until answered). My fellow staffers and I have discussed this on phone conferences, and even added it to our September issue's "Tell Us How You See It" list of questions.

We wanna know:

What does "knowledge 120" mean to you?

Do Earths, women of the NGE, need to knowledge 120?

If you come in the name of Earth and have chosen not to knowledge 120, how did you develop a connection with and elevated understanding of yourself, the culture and how to apply Supreme Mathematics practically, your origins in this world, and the varied sciences of life mentioned throughout 120?

If you know all of 120, how has it strengthened your ties to, application and understanding of the culture, how (if this is the case) has it benefitted you personally and made you a wiser and more powerful builder?

Earth-sistas add-on!

Eboni Joy Asiatic


Jameelah said...

I haven't knowledged 120 as of yet but I have all intentions to. Honestly I always thought that was what you were suppose to do. As I am new to the nation I do feel that it is necessary for me to take my time and find a study pattern that will help me truly understand the lessons.But from me observing and listening to other build I can see how the lessons can definitely benefit and assist with life in general, as you are dealing with mathematical science which can be proven.

queen_zafirah said...


I did. It's a way to relate to other people and sometimes to read the code. It's a mind exercise. And now it's a burden to remember as I use other information more frequently than I quote 120. I spend most of my time caring for the young Earth in a very physical sense. Currently, I find more use in remember which spices go with which foods and which herbs can be used for which ailments than what Yacub promised his people he would do. However, my interpretation of the degrees stay readily in my mind--but the quoting gets challenged all the time by, let's say, proactive interference. I personally support the Earth in knowledging 120 and think it worth the mention that the usefulness of each the degrees waxes and wanes like the moon.

I-Quintessential said...

Peace. I have not knowledged 120. I am on my way. Honestly, I think it should be a requirement for Earths. "A nation can rise no higher than its woman". I say elevate the woman and elevate the nation. I mean ... it's a requirement for Gods. What makes me exempt? I think it's beneficial for Earths be-cause I've knowledged my own growth and development since adding on to the nation. My 3 has grown tremendously within my inner cipher as well as for any cipher I encounter in this world. Where I stand now ... everything relates and can be applied somehow someway to the lessons. This is the reason I will to knowledge 120. Nothing I've studied in the past can compare to the truths and connections to reality that 120 presents. Peace

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Gods and Earths and always found it curious that Gods were required to knowledge the 120 and Earths were not. It was explained to me, sometime ago; that Earths had their own requirements that Gods didn’t have that’s why it wasn’t 100% necessary. Currently, I have not knowledged the 120 (But I’m working on it), I cee the value in the 120 in living this culture. And honestly can’t see how you can be Earth without the 120. But I’m not trying to tell another how to maintain their cipher.

Valerie said...

I am still knowledging my mathematics LOL.. and have every intention on knowledging 120. To my understanding, isn't the earth the mother, teacher of civilization? Shouldn't she therefore knowledge the neccessary things to teach the seed? And since we're on the subject... what about the whole 360? I don't hear anyone talking too much about that except for an elder God I had the opportunity to build with...I realize everything has to be knowledged in stages... does any earth knowledge 360?

The 14th Degree and Beyond said...

Peace Queens,

Wow! Lots'a response for this blog... thanks for adding your understandings to the elevation of this web cipher.

Just a few comments of my own in regards to the topic at hand...

I came into the Nation while in my hometown, C-Medina/Chicago, and all of the Earths there were actively learning 120 or HAD knowledged 120 when I started studying. So knowledging the lessons WAS a REQUIREMENT for us! Also, building in the cipher at rallies was a necessity also. Why these things are not required throughout the wilderness, I don't know. I guess it depends upon the understanding of the Gods who rule each respective cipher.

The Gods in C-Medina made SURE the Earths knowledged 120, even if that woman didn't have a God... they'd establish a strictly brother/sister bond to ensure her studies were completed. Also, Earths formed study groups of our own and were relentless in our determination. I set for myself an expiration date... and upon realizing I'd been knowledging 120 for over a year in the summer of '99, I decided I would absolutely complete my studies before the new millennium, and did. I'm not saying this to brag - I'm saying because setting a deadline for myself helped give me a time frame in which to accomplish my goal.

I notice that many sisters who don't complete their studies of 120 simply get complacent - they become so involved in "maintaining" they forget about "elevating." Others really do have so much on their plate (single motherhood of multiple children, school, work, and the duties within the 14th degree...) that in the midsts of striving to prioritize, knowledging 120 gets pushed to a lower priority level. Some are simply indifferent because they came into the nation with (and even FOR) their God that they are not self-motivated to knowledge the lessons (or even "live this culture" in some instances) and their 7 doesn't require it of them, nor does he put the pressure on her to study the lessons.

I've known Gods who openly admitted to me that he has and will discourage HIS Earth from studying, reason being as I understand it... (6:14) why does the devil keep our people apart from his social equality???... (8:14) why does the devil keep our people illiterate???

VALERIE... what do you mean by 360? I have never heard of that, unless you are referring to what's often explained to be "knowledging 120" (learning/memorizing it) - "wisdom 120" (live it/apply it) - "understanding 120" (see its purpose and usefulness) which all borns to 360.

I agree with you, ZAFIRAH, that the usefulness of each degree "waxes and wanes" based on what you are interested in or going through at any given moment in time, and quoting it does become more and more of a challenge as time goes on and we take in more knowledge on other subjects. Retaining your knowledge of 120 takes conscious effort - quoting it once a week, maybe just once a month, to yourself; writing it down once a month; playing a recording of it on cd or tape (I have First Born Prince's recording on cd that I play in my car from time to time, especially on road trips); going thru it at an Earth cipher, parliament/rally, or just with a brother/sister - all these things help to keep it fresh.

But, as with all things, the UNDERSTANDING is the best part - the usefulness - being able to reference 120 in a build to prove a point, use it to secure a job or finances, using it to improve your relationship with your God or people in your cipher, using it to better communicate with Christians, Buddhists or people of other religions and cultures, using it to grasp an idea of your own usefulness to family, nation and community at large, using it to counteract the devil's rule on us here in the wilderness, using it to better understand our home planet and thus our individual selves as Black women - these are some of the general reasons I've found knowledging 120 to be beneficial.

When you KNOW it you can recall it, and thus apply it, and thus manifest ideas based on this guideline to living a righteous way of life that we call "120 Lessons".

Eboni Joy Asiatic

The 14th Degree and Beyond said...


6:14 Asks - Why does the devil keep our people illiterate?

8:14 Asks - Why does the devil keep our people apart from his social equality?

Pardon self for the error!

Eboni Joy Asiatic

scidev said...

Zafirah, you are so on target with this. It's like you took my thoughts and pulled em right out of my head. lol


Eternal said...


I have yet to knowledge 120. Thus far I have completed the SM, and the SA. I am a newborn (to the nation ofcourse, lol) and is a beautiful thing.



Valerie said...

Peace to the Queen Eboni Joy Asiatic Earth... I posed the question of 360 degrees from building with an Elder God who said something I never heard anyone say. He asked me how many degrees were in a circle. I told him 360. He said 120, 120 and 120 equals 360. I agreed. He then said to me that this is for 120-physical, 120-mental and 120-spiritual and they all need to be mastered. To gain more of an understanding of this I will make a point of building further with the God. The spiritual is not spooky to me because I have "seen" it as I see all other things around me. My God builds with me on this subject and understands that this is my experience and encourages me to study 120 because he made a vital point to me: how can I focus on those other things if I have not mastered the physical? How would you address the spiritual? or people who experience the spiritual as real as the physical? (and I'm not crazy-at least I'd like to think I'm not!) LOL Aside from that, I KNOW I need to really stop putting off my studies of 120.. I am guilty of that..being busy etc..although my God encourages me to study and I DO have an independent incentive to learn as well...I need to make studying my lessons a priority..each day. My next comment (aside from what we end up building on from the first part of my question)will be asking the first Question from the lessons and building with my God and with the Earths here... this will be how I will make my committment to knowledging/wisdoming/understanding 120. To me it is imperative to get an Earth's perspective as well as bulding with my God.. Thank you for this forum... Peace